Best bits from the writer’s journey this week

Best bits of the week

Doing a daily blog is fun but by it flies by and at the end of the week I am ready for a recap.

Aren’t you?

So here are some of the best bits from my recent musings on the writer’s journey.

Faith and fear at the start of the week

My first couple of […]

This close to “Sorry, no. I’m busy,” on the opportunity of my life

LEss than 1cm - how close I came to missing the opportunity

When opportunity comes knocking, will you be in? It is a trite question, I know, because, of course, if a golden opportunity comes your way, of course you are going to grab it. Why wouldn’t you?

But how can you tell if it is a ‘golden opportunity’?

That is the killer question I want to […]

Overcoming obstacles and three little words…

Image showing an obstacle

Every writer suffers obstacles on their journey. I overcame mine as a result of two brilliant questions. The most amazing thing about them is that came almost exactly 12 months apart and, as a combination, they changed EVERYTHING.

Some people who are reading this may have heard this story before. I make no apology for […]

Getting consistent

Image of my tablet

Happy New Year!

I took time off over Christmas – both from blogging and also from work. It is always nice to break out of the regular routine and do things a bit differently. It also gave me time to reflect. Every year I set a resolution to finish the first draft of my next […]

One year on

Image from the front cover of my first book

12 months ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog. Fancy that! a whole year of posting about my experiences and life as a writer. Anniversaries are always a good opportunity to look back on progress and see how things have changed – so that’s what I plan to do.

When I wrote that first blog, […]

In pursuit of happiness

I few months ago I wrote a blog about how my life has been influenced by Mi365. Mi365 is a free online coaching programme with a different theme each week. Over the last couple of weeks the topic has been happiness. As a result, I’ve been reflecting on what makes me happy.

It will be […]

Juggling the glass balls

My blog a couple of weeks ago was all about the beginnings of my life as a professional writer (All Change). It is exciting stuff and this week I even bit the bullet and created a page on the website for my copywriting services (Here).

Exciting – yes! But hard work too. I have a […]

Passion and Discipline – the keys for success

I am a writer. Well, you know that if you read this blog on a regular basis. I love writing and I enjoy it. It is my purpose.

My aspiration, however, is to be a successful writer. I want to do this for a living; to make my hobby my career and do what I […]

Mi365 and me

If I said my life had changed beyond all recognition in the last nine months, would you believe me? You might I suppose and those who know me well can see it for themselves. As that transformation has been taking place (the most obvious aspect of it being the significant loss of weight that has […]