Borrowing from mythology

Image of trees in autumn

I was chatting to a friend about Christmas this week – and how many religions have a festival around this time of year. Any culture which emerged outside of the tropics will have found ways to make the long winter nights more bearable. It goes right back to pagan times and most cultures ‘borrowed’ from […]

Happy Christmas, Happy Reading

Image of a Barn Owl

When Balance of Betrayal was published in the spring, I wrote a series of blogs about some of the characters. One of them was, at the time, a mystery even to me. You see, I created Afrial as someone to be staunchly loyal and yet I never really explained why. Check out the original blog […]

The Twitter trickle

I’ve been pondering about social media recently. I became active on Twitter around this time last year and, according to a number of books, you can conquer the world this way. They paint a very tempting picture. All I need to do is sit back, throw a few tweets out into the ether and my […]