My mind is blank!

Sunday is when I write my weekly blog. It is one of my rituals for the week.

This Sunday, however, I’ve been thinking to myself, “What on earth am I going to write about?” And writing is like that. Sometimes, you just draw a blank. Creativity seems to have fled and there is only so […]

Putting people into the landscape

Characters develop as you write

My blog over the past couple of week has been all about the creation of the landscape for The Bremmand Chronicles. It is one of fun parts of narrative fiction – inventing your own geography. It isn’t just the geography either – it’s the society too. So, having created the Kingdom, I also had to […]

Creating the landscape – part two

Stormy skies

When I was first developing the maps of Bremmand (see my blog from last week) I needed to consider geography. It isn’t a topic I know a vast amount about (I dropped the subject at school when I was 13) but when it comes to political boundaries, I know a enough to get […]