Balance of Betrayal

image3266image3314After a little while, Allin spoke once more. He sounded calm – distant almost. “Staval betrayed them, didn’t he?”
Dale nodded. “That’s what we think. He lied about having seen you dead and someone let Castle Bremmand be taken without a fight.”
“He betrayed them on the battlefield too. I’ve heard what some of the men say, about the Empire knowing our battle plans. He betrayed them all and their blood is on his hands.” Allin’s head shot up so fast he almost rapped Dale on the chin. His eyes, wet with tears, were blazing. “So why is he still sitting in Rurig Castle, comfortable and rich, when my parents don’t even have a grave to mark..?” his voice broke and he began to sob, his head dropping down and leaning in against Dale’s mighty chest. Through his bitter tears he cried out, “Why haven’t you killed him? Why won’t you do anything about his treachery? Why have you let him get away with this?”

It is two years since the King fell at Kantora, betrayed by one of his own. Now it is time to prove to Staval that traitors do not go unpunished.

Author’s Note: Balance of Betrayal has a front cover provided by Jonathan Rew-Dixon and Clare Metcalfe.
The book is written as two interlocking storylines, each one unfolding in episodes throughout the book.

  • Third book in the Bremmand Chronicles
  • First Published April 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-326-58053-7