Scaling the hill

Stormy skies

Have you ever done any hill walking?

If you have, you will no doubt recognise the feeling of setting out and seeing the peak you are aiming for as an eternity away. The eventual destination is hazy in the distance, perhaps obscured by clouds and a long way off. You walk and walk and walk […]

Writers drink!

image of a cup of tea

Long ago I was part of a writer’s forum where one rather chap would keep saying, over and over, “writers, WRITE!” By this he meant that a writer should writer every single day. I suspect he felt frustrated by those who would come to the forum and post regularly about how, someday, they would get […]

Inventing a religion

image of a drop of water

When you invent a kingdom for the purposes of fiction, you soon discover that you have to invent a wide range of other things too. That was certainly my experience with the Bremmand Chronicles. Not only did I have to think about the looks and occupations of Bremmand’s people, I had to consider their spirituality […]

Getting consistent

Image of my tablet

Happy New Year!

I took time off over Christmas – both from blogging and also from work. It is always nice to break out of the regular routine and do things a bit differently. It also gave me time to reflect. Every year I set a resolution to finish the first draft of my next […]