Learn more about some of the key people you will meet in the Bremmand Chronicles. Please note, while I have tried to avoid giving away major plotlines on these pages, some spoilers may exist in the character pages.

Dale Ronas  – Allin of Lech – Joss of Lech – King Corist

dale-ronas allin-of-lech joss-of-lech king-corist

Iestan Honrad – Torvik, son of Maes – Umbert – Sarain

lestan-honrad torvik-son-of-maes umbert sarain

Hugist Bonard – Simas Bonard – Karrec – Trystin

hugist-bonard simas-bonard karrec trystin

I have included here some of the maps I use in my writing—some of which appear in the books but here can be found in full colour. There are also a few pieces of additional background to the stories and one or two short stories which I have written for friends in between the books.

Map of Bremmand Map of The Three Continents Map of Castle Bremmand A detailed map of the Kingdom of Bremmand including key locations and terrainPassant, Yorin and Arias, the 3 continents across which the Chronicles are setPlan of the City of Castle Bremmand with its regions marked out

the-kingdom-of-bremmand map-of-the-three-continents map-of-castle-bremmand

The Tree Connection The Faith of Holy Brem Where did the idea of having birth trees come from and what does each tree meanThe Legends, the back story and a bit more about the faith

the-tree-connection the-faith-of-holy-brem