• Name: Master Trystin of Dracia
  • Tree— Chestnut
  • Age— 36 in Line of Duty

  • Tall and thin, with Dark hair and pale grey/blue eyes. Clean shaven.
    He’s not muscular or fit looking at all, in keeping with his lifestyle.

    From a family of scholars, Trystin was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father was a scientist, but Trystin was more interested in politics. His father served in the court of Lord Petin and Trystin got an appointment there at 16, working with the scholars in the court. Then, he was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to be appointed to the Royal Court to teach History and Politics to Prince Herest, then nine. He remained with the palace tutorial staff until the invasion and was a tutor to Cori, as he had been to all the other princes over the years.

    He is still quite young when he is charged with taking Cori safely to Hast (and then onward to Dwynt) and is appointed the chief adviser to King Corist. He has been trained in the ways of court and educates Cori in these through the years of exile but also allows a level of informality consistent with that which Jorvis and Isolde tried to encourage in their court.

    He and Dale didn’t hit it off at first, Trystin finding the realities of the situation they are in and Dale’s forthright attitude to ensuring their survival hard to take and Dale having no sympathy for the scholar’s finer feelings.

    Trystin has a dry humour and is quietly amused by irreverence and cheek. He tends to be formal and but learns to relax with time. He is intelligent, fastidious and somewhat nervous about the outdoor life. He is not at all superstitious and not a great believer in the faith – so he doesn’t see the importance of the bloodline remaining in Bremmand, since he doesn’t believe it matters that much.