Getting into print

Someone asked me today, “How did you get published? Is it expensive?” These days, there are so many different ways to get your book into print that I thought I would share the publication methods I use. It is worth saying, from the outset, that I am one person, using a couple of the […]

Ah, youth!

I did a talk at a local middle school last week. The students of year 8 (aged around 13) were just starting a few weeks of creative writing in English and I kicked it all off with a talk about how to develop plot.

I’m pretty comfortable with presenting but young people are a […]

Launching a new book cover

It is always an exciting time – the first sight of the cover to a new book is the first tangible sign that publication can’t be far off. I am always excited when I see it for the first time (see my previous blog about this) and even more excited to share it with […]


It must be every writer’s second worst nightmare (the worst being total IT failure and having no backups) – to have the words dry up. I’m not talking about a day where you just can’t find the right turn of phrase, or one of those moments where you think everything you’ve written is awful. […]