Best bits from the writer’s journey this week

Doing a daily blog is fun but by it flies by and at the end of the week I am ready for a recap.

Aren’t you?

So here are some of the best bits from my recent musings on the writer’s journey.

Faith and fear at the start of the week

My first couple of blogs covered mindset. You need to believe that you can be a writer and let go of the fear that no one will like your stuff. I talked, later in the week, about discipline and the need to find time to write.

The Mi365 Factor

Mi365 has been hugely influential in my development as a writer. It is a coaching group and gave me the confidence to dream in the first place. It was also Pete at Mi365 who gave me my first break and taught me never to let an opportunity pass me by.

Gratuitous Cat images

It as inevitable that I would talk about Lola this week. Frankly, I write about Lola every week. What I didn’t anticipate was that I would get pinned down by her yesterday. My final article of the week was written with a cat lying on my arm and with only my mobile phone to hand.

Writing a daily blog is proving to be quite a challenge. Not necessarily because I am finding it difficult, but making sure I have time every day to get it done is taking some thinking about.

I’m enjoying it though. Are you?

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