• Name: Karrec of Mord
  • Tree— Walnut
  • Age—40 in Line of Duty

  • Grey haired. Still fit and well built, but getting on in life Tanned complexion (from years of outdoor life).Shortish (not tiny), deliberate of movement (purposeful in all he does) and slightly built but now tending to middle age spread.

    Lifetime soldier and son of a soldier too. He had reached the rank of Captain but considered himself inferior to other officers of his rank (most of whom come from aristocratic stock). As his age progressed he ceased to command men and became a tactical advisor to the chiefs of staff. Thus he managed to escape death in the last battle for Bremmand. His last attachment prior to the move to tactical advisor was in the 7th Legion.

    Karrec had four sons who were all lost (as far as he knows) – three during the great battle and the youngest in a student uprising in Castle Bremmand. He is fiercely proud of their sacrifice.

    He came to the forest after the battle, since there was nothing left for him in Castle Bremmand where he came from. He is Karrec of Mord, Mord being the smallest district in Castle Bremmand and one of which the few who live there feel especially proud. Karrec is a very experienced tactician but he had tired of leading men, which was why he took up a back room role.

    He believes that age counts for more than ability so initially feels that he should be leading the band of refugees instead of Torvik. He isn’t ambitious especially, so doesn’t really fight to be in command but he believes his opinion counts for something and dislikes the fact that his views get side-lined by the younger man. He is willing to accept Dale’s command however because he sees that this is another man who rose from the ranks and knows about soldiering.

    He can be a bit sour and hard to get along with. He might be described as crusty and can be very hard to please. He disapproves of the informality of the children – a traditionalist who feels children should be seen and not heard and that having them running about the camp is a distraction. The children find him stern and don’t like him especially.

    He is fiercely loyal and he once met the King and is proud of the fact.