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Children’s books for charity

image1777 In 2016, as part of her plans to raise £8800 for charity, Cate is offering to write a bespoke children’s book suitable for a small child.

For a minimum donation, Cate will write and produce a bespoke children’s book for your child.

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2006,” says Cate, “so to celebrate my tenth anniversary, I have set myself the goal of raising £8808 for Breast Cancer Now. There are 8808 hours in the ten years since my diagnosis, so it seemed a fitting number to choose.

“When thinking of ways to raise such a large amount, I wanted to do something that was a bit different but which says something about who I am at the same time. That’s why I came up with the idea of writing books.

“These bespoke stories are a bit different from the usual customised books that one can buy online. Those are standard stories, with your child’s name pasted in, along with those of one or two friends. What I will do is write a story from scratch, based on the ingredients given to me, so it will be completely personal to the child in question. I have a couple of brilliant illustrators lined up to help me, who are also giving their time for free, and I will then use an online publisher to turn it into a little hardback book. Additional copies will also be on sale, for friends and family to buy with the proceeds also going to Breast Cancer Now.

“I’m asking for a minimum donation of £75 for a book – which sounds like quite a lot but the writing and illustration work takes quite a bit of time, so I wanted to reflect how unique and special the book is in the price.”

If you are interested in having a book written for your child then you can contact Cate by clicking on the link below for more details and an order form.

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