Done it!

At 12.37 today, I finished the editing on my next book, Balance of Betrayal. To say the writing of this book has been a long process is an understatement – I actually started it in 2006. In fact, Twelve Moon-Cycles was never supposed to happen but when it was taking me too long to […]

So you want to be a writer..?

It’s a common complaint, I understand – the desire to pour out your soul into a novel, to have an unexpected bestseller at your first attempt and then live in opulent luxury, occasionally tapping out another awesome publication. That’s an exaggeration, of course (unless you happen to be Richard Castle!). Even those who only […]

The moral dimension

There can be some choppy waters when you write period fiction. You strive for accuracy (or, in my case, plausibility since my books aren’t intended to be historically accurate) but, at the same time you are writing for a modern audience. The typical reader has been raised in the values of western society which means […]

Back to the Day Job

I go back to work on Monday. For the last, wonderful, six months I have been on sabbatical (aka a ‘career break’ in this world of name-changing for the sake of it!). It’s been great. My firm allows them when you have been with them for long enough and you can take up to […]