This close to “Sorry, no. I’m busy,” on the opportunity of my life

When opportunity comes knocking, will you be in? It is a trite question, I know, because, of course, if a golden opportunity comes your way, of course you are going to grab it.  Why wouldn’t you?

But how can you tell if it is a ‘golden opportunity’?

That is the killer question I want to explore using the medium I know best – by telling you a story.

In April 2016, I went to a one day meetup of the coaching group I was in. It was a great day and, in conversation with our coach, I mentioned by dreams of being a writer (it was he who had focussed that idea in my mind the previous autumn). He was interested and said, “We’ll have to see if we can do something about that.”

I thought nothing of it. People say things like that all the time – don’t they? Vague promises and platitudes about ones hopes and dreams. It is what people had been saying to me about my writing aspirations my whole life.

No empty promise!

It just shows how little I knew Pete Cohen at the time! He phoned me up the very next day.

“I want to put together a journal for the group and it needs an introduction. Would you write it for me?”

I was flattered and pleased to be asked but also full of doubt. Work was very demanding at the time – I was working on a project which had me going back and forth across the country and dealing with some very challenging issues. It was hard work and very time consuming.

I was so close to saying, “I’m sorry but I don’t really have the time…”

I nearly passed on the best opportunity of my life – one which has been opening doors for me ever since.

Never be too busy…

We all live busy lives these days and learning to say ‘No’ sometimes is really important. Otherwise one can get overwhelmed by helping other people and taking on too much work.

But – and it is a big ‘but’ – be sure to consider those requests and say to yourself ‘does this take me closer to my life’s ambitions?’

Because if it does, it is the golden opportunity which you really can’t turn down….

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