This close to “Sorry, no. I’m busy,” on the opportunity of my life

LEss than 1cm - how close I came to missing the opportunity

When opportunity comes knocking, will you be in? It is a trite question, I know, because, of course, if a golden opportunity comes your way, of course you are going to grab it. Why wouldn’t you?

But how can you tell if it is a ‘golden opportunity’?

That is the killer question I want to […]

Introducing Lola

Essential item in my toolkit...

When I was a child, we had a family cat. She became a part of the family when I was three and lived for 16 years, so I never really knew a time without her. So it is hardly surprising that I have always been a ‘cat person.’

In my adult life, however, a cat […]

Stick to your habits

Image showing an obstacle

Aren’t habits fascinating things?

My habit is to write my blog on a Sunday morning, pretty much my first task of the day. This weekend, though, I’ve been away (on a retreat as it happens) and, as a result, wasn’t in a position to write my blog on Sunday morning.

Now, on Monday morning, when […]

What went well?

Image of tree blossom

I’m currently reading Flourish by Martin Seligman. It is all about positive psychology and its application in a number of places. Scattered throughout the book are various very simple ideas and concepts which translate into every day life and which Seligman and his team have scientifically assessed for effectiveness.

The tool that forms the title […]

The big leap

image of a cuckoo clock

When I was three years old, someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer? A cuckoo clock! My Dad later told me that he knew then that I would be a writer.

He was right. From the age of seven I wrote stories and I’ve never really stopped. But […]

Writers drink!

image of a cup of tea

Long ago I was part of a writer’s forum where one rather chap would keep saying, over and over, “writers, WRITE!” By this he meant that a writer should writer every single day. I suspect he felt frustrated by those who would come to the forum and post regularly about how, someday, they would get […]

Getting consistent

Image of my tablet

Happy New Year!

I took time off over Christmas – both from blogging and also from work. It is always nice to break out of the regular routine and do things a bit differently. It also gave me time to reflect. Every year I set a resolution to finish the first draft of my next […]

The Twitter trickle

I’ve been pondering about social media recently. I became active on Twitter around this time last year and, according to a number of books, you can conquer the world this way. They paint a very tempting picture. All I need to do is sit back, throw a few tweets out into the ether and my […]

One year on

Image from the front cover of my first book

12 months ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog. Fancy that! a whole year of posting about my experiences and life as a writer. Anniversaries are always a good opportunity to look back on progress and see how things have changed – so that’s what I plan to do.

When I wrote that first blog, […]

Managing the practicals

Image of my PC - managing the business

I’m a writer. So that’s what I do – I write. Right?

Well, yes, of course. But that isn’t all there is to it. Unless writing is a hobby – in which case, you do it for fun, write when you like and what you like – a fair proportion of time is also spent […]