Joss of Lech


  • Name—Josanna Tristel Faise Marchand
  • Tree—Hazelnut
  • Age—3 at the start of Line of Duty

  • Dark haired, like Allin, with the same coppery tones that, when her hair is long, are quite breathtaking in the sunlight, and dark/ hazel eyes which can be both thoughtful and full of life. She has a round little face, and the whole effect is charming. She isn’t pretty in a conventional sense but her face lights up like a lantern when she smiles.

    The only girl of the King and Queen and their last child. At the time of the fall of the kingdom she was still in the nursery and only brought out to royal occasions in exceptional circumstances.

    Then her whole life changed, when the kingdom fell and, when she was too young to remember much about it, most of her family were slaughtered. She went to the cottage in the woods with Dale and then from there to the army camp.

    Joss is more aware of what is going on than is sometimes remembered. She is sensitive to tension and spots when there are troubles and gets out of the way. She’s a happy little thing and as long as she is close to her family she is generally content. She is fairly confident and will ask questions about what is going on, although she clearly understands that there are topics which are not to be discussed in front of others, even when she is very small.

    She loves animals and plants. When we first see her she is obsessed with picking flowers although once Dale brings livestock to the cottage this interests her even more.
    She is very independent minded and isn’t the kind of child to ‘sit and be quiet’ – something that the womenfolk find a little difficult to take in a little girl. In this, she later learns, she is like her mother.

    Her relationship with Allin is one of unswerving devotion. She wants to please her brother more than anything else.
    She follows him about whenever she can, something he bears very well. Allin does his best to educate her as he was – so duty is part of her life. She is also very fond of Dale and likes going fishing with him but he is so occupied with the army that she knows she has to share him with others.

    Most of the army adore her and like to play with her. They tease her and tell her stories which she loves hearing.