Creating a landscape

Map of the Kingdom of Bremmand

One of the less visible aspects of writing a narrative fiction book (i.e. from the imagination), is that you aren’t just creating a time and a place but a whole nation. As I started to develop The Line of Duty some 20 years ago, I started to realise that I needed a map in my […]

The view from the top

Image of the back cover of my next book

This week, I finished the first draft of my next book Age of Oppression.

Writing a first draft is hard work – don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!

I liken it to walking up a steep hill. You start off full of enthusiasm, with a clear view of the end and knowing exactly how […]

Unleashing creativity

Image of an eye

There is an interesting nugget of neurology that I cam across recently, about the Reticular activating system (RAS). RAS is a function of the brain which decides what we focus on. It is the reason why, when you are considering blue as the colour for your new car, because, “I hardly ever see blue cars […]