How do you take the thing you most love and use it to do good?

I love to write

I always have, ever since early childhood. It’s my hobby, my love, my purpose. It’s never been my career because there have been bills to pay and a family to support – you know how it goes – and I never quite had the courage to quit my job and starve […]

Using my senses

I am immensely fortunate – although many wouldn’t agree – that, in order to get to work, I have a 25 minute walk at 5:15am to reach the station. Yes, that means getting up at sparrow’s cough each day and yes, that means I get home each evening and go straight to bed during the […]

Colour and light

Image of trees in autumn

Autumn is a season of mixed feelings for me.

I love warmth and sunshine and Autumn brings with it the promise of months of short days and gloom. For me that is a depressing prospect. The heating goes on, the windows have to be closed and, all in all, it feels like I’m shutting out […]

Grant me patience…

I’ve recently been re-reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I don’t know if you’ve ever read it but it is a fascinating book. Written in 1937, it is the distillation of interviews with over 500 successful businessmen (yes, I do mean men – it was 1937 after all) to create a formula for […]

Channelling emotions

Quietly, step by step, the first draft of Age of Opppression is taking shape. My goal is to finish the first draft by the end of the year – which feels like a tall order at the moment especially as the section I’m working on is particularly challenging.

It isn’t that it is especially tricky […]