Mi365 and me

If I said my life had changed beyond all recognition in the last nine months, would you believe me? You might I suppose and those who know me well can see it for themselves. As that transformation has been taking place (the most obvious aspect of it being the significant loss of weight that has […]

Guest blog

I’m not blogging this week as I’m appearing as guest blogger on the Breast Cancer Now site – head over there to check it out.


Sticky patches

This week has been tough. Not so much because of all the distractions going on in my day-to-day life (I’m having my kitchen replaced so, at the moment, I have no downstairs plumbing and there are boxes and bits of kitchen unit everywhere) but because work on Age of Oppression has become hard going.



Oh, I wish I was a graphic designer!

Okay, so I’m sure that’s not something you expect to hear from a self-publishing author every day but I’ve had the MOST frustrating afternoon.

As you may recall from one of my previous blogs, as well as writing The Bremmand Chronicles I’m also writing bespoke children’s […]