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mi365logoIf I said my life had changed beyond all recognition in the last nine months, would you believe me? You might I suppose and those who know me well can see it for themselves. As that transformation has been taking place (the most obvious aspect of it being the significant loss of weight that has been a part of the journey) people have, of course, asked “What have you been doing? What diet are you on? What’s your secret?” and I’ve provided half truths – in fact my usual reply is, “I’ve given up sugar.” That is true – I eat no processed sugars of any kind and feel great as a result. But the changes in my life come from more than that – much, much more.

Last September, anxious about my food habits and a slow creep towards being overweight, I joined a coaching programme run by Pete Cohen. I already knew of Pete – he appeared on UK TV for years and had a weight-loss programme that came as part of the membership of my local gym. Now he was offering a six week course which was promising amazing results. It was expensive (although when you add up how much I’ve spent on other weight-loss memberships over the years, maybe not so much – but it was a lump sum instead of a trickle so it felt a lot) and I was sceptical. I’ve joined a lot of things that promised great results. Besides, I had years of failed diets as evidence that I wouldn’t stick at this any more than I’d stuck at any of them.

Right from the start, however, this was different.  Unlike other weight loss schemes, Pete didn’t start with “eat this, don’t eat that, be more active, calories, points, sins, cut fat…” (sound familiar?). He started with “What do you want?” and, more powerfully, “Why?” At the same time I was introduced to the other people on his programme who had formed the most amazing support group using a closed Facebook group. Over the next six weeks, Pete opened my eyes to the limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits that had been holding me back for years. With the help and support of the rest of group I quit sugar, I discovered a wheat intolerance, I swapped tedious gym sessions for enjoyable yoga and, with virtually no effort, I began to get slimmer.

“This is great,” I hear you say, “but what’s this got to do with writing?”

Fair question and, setting aside the fact that eating well has improved my focus and given me masses more energy (I no longer come home from work and collapse in front of the TV – I come home and write), this initial six week coaching programme has led me elsewhere and it is that which has made such a difference to my life.

While on the coaching programme Pete mentioned that he did a daily live broadcast on Facebook and Periscope (Twitter’s broadcast channel). Out of curiosity, I started to tune in. The mi365 broadcast is daily life coaching, free to anyone who chooses to tune in, and focussing on a different topic every week. From there came a Facebook group (also free) where ‘mi365ers’ can post their successes, chat about what is giving them challenges and provide support and encouragement for one another.

From this daily coaching I came to realise what is really important to me. Up until then I suppose I was like most people – pottering along in my life, in a job that paid the bills, was reasonably enjoyable (but not much more) and idly dreaming of other things that I never followed through on. Pete and mi365 changed that. I was asked to consider what my purpose was in life – what I am here to do (how often do you ask yourself that?) and I came to realise that my purpose is to write. I learned to visualise that – to see someone reading my book and being inspired by it. I’ve set myself clear, specific goals and identified the obstacles that might get in my way. I’ve tackled procrastination and ‘excusitis’ and I’ve faced my fears.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, I began to change. It hasn’t been fast – change is usually gradual – and it hasn’t been easy but it has been wonderful. In truth, my life is now perfect. Not because I’ve met all my goals or achieved everything I want to achieve (I haven’t – not yet) but because I know who I am and I can see an amazing golden future ahead of me.

All the while, as I found myself and became happier, I’ve been quite selective on who I have told about mi365. I share links on Twitter and Facebook but not really explained how it all relates to me. Today I’ve decided it is time I did something about that and let people know what I’ve been doing that has made such a change for me.

Maybe one or two of those who read this will want to come and see for themselves and maybe one or two of them will have the same life-changing and amazing experience that I (and so many others) have had by being a part of mi365.

Cate Caruth is the author of the Bremmand Chronicles. To buy her books or learn more about them, go to www.bremmandchronicles.co.uk

You can follow Cate on Twitter at www.twitter.com/catec23

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