• Full name—Sarian, son of Duris
  • Tree— Fig
  • Age—25 in Line of Duty

  • He is thin, and Langatian i.e. blonde, but in Sarian’s case his hair is soft and sandy, rather than golden like Torvik. Green eyes of a particularly clear hue—remarkable. Physically solidly built, average height.

    Sarian is class. He’s the younger son of a minor aristocrat and went into the army as a commissioned officer. He joined as a lieutenant and has remained at that rank for some time. He’s not bitter about this, rather quite content with his lot.

    Several of his brothers also went in to the army. Their situation isn’t now known.From Line of Duty we know that he was a lieutenant in the 15th legion as his last posting.

    Kantora was his first battle and he was truly shocked by the bloodshed and his own inability to save his men. He faced up to the horror and responsibility of command at the battle and he didn’t like what he saw, on the field or in himself. He is full of the sense of failure of that battle. He believes that he has no talent or ability as an officer and resents his father having bought him a commission for which he wasn’t equipped.

    After a difficult first year in the reformed army, Sarian is now showing himself to be a good officer. He is fiercely loyal to Dale.
    By nature he ends to be scornful and sarcastic and is sometimes cynical. He doesn’t always think his thoughts through so says things which can be ill-considered and get him in to trouble or he presents arguments which others can tear to shreds.

    He’s been used to an easy cruise. Son of the aristocracy, with a father who opened doors for him his whole life, he got his commission easily. He looks down his nose at the commoner officers, who always seem to be so determined to build a hard life out of something that should be easy.

    He was dismayed by what he saw on the battle field and, like most of those still alive, is suffering from survivor guilt. He feels betrayed by the King for not winning against Darvett.