The Line of Duty

image408image524 “This isn’t a minor skirmish, like you told Allin, is it?” Dale thought for a second before answering.
“No, Sire. There are too many of them, and it was too well organised.”
“I don’t know,” Dale cut across him hastily. “For now I have to assume the worst, so we aren’t going to take any chances but don’t give up all hope just yet. The men seen in South Bremmand and those we’ve met today got a long way north really quickly and with such speed that there can’t be many of them. Darvett could have sent a small force to scout north and establish a presence – maybe take Castle Bremmand – while he tackled the main army.

Once we fled from the Castle, he’d want to try and stop us before we got North and reached reinforcements. For all we know alliance troops are chasing them here.”

The kingdom of Bremmand has fallen to the Kostinian Empire. Fleeing in fear of their lives, three of the royal children have escaped the brutal cull on their family and now seek refuge in the Great Forest. Can Captain Ronas of the Palace Guard and Master Trystin, tutor to the princes, keep them safe and hand them over to the safe keeping of their Grandfather in the north?

Author’s Note: This was the first book published, so it has a soft spot in my heart, but it wasn’t the first book written. The first half of Age of Oppression (yet to be published) was written first.

  • First book in the Bremmand Chronicles
  • Explains how it all began
  • First Published in April 2006
  • ISBN: 978-1-4116-8588-8