Simas Bonard


  • Name: Sima Bonard
  • Tree— Apple
  • Age— 12 in Twelve Moon-cycles

  • Black hair and dark eyes. Saturnine. An open expression in contrast to his brother. Tall like his brother but his full height is less than Allin in the end.

    See Hugist for more on the family history.

    Like Hugist a victim of his father’s drunken brutalisation but less a target by dint of being closest in age to Hugist who took the brunt of the man’s bitterness. Simas had learned from his elder siblings to be indifferent to his unauthorised brother but when they are the only two who escape the empire soldiers Simas recognises that he has some responsibility to the younger boy and they become closer. Simas does what he can to keep them alive and leads them to Chelland as a place of relative safety.

    Under Dale’s care he is able to relinquish his parental responsibility for Hugist. He develops a strong friendship with Allin and his interest in Hugist wanes.

    He is even-tempered and easy going— a simple sort of character who accepts his lot and complains little. He is devoted to Allin, despite being older, seeing the fire in the prince if not recognising the noble heritage.

    He is capable of independence so he and Allin do fight from time to time but Simas is the steadying agent to the passion in Allin.