Torvik son of Maes


  • Nicknames—Torv, Lieutenant
  • Tree— Cedar
  • Age—19 in Line of Duty

  • Blonde, with blue eyes. Has a sparkle about him, always looking as if he is enjoying life and amused by something. Has a clear complexion, is tall, solidly built and muscular.

    Torvik joined the army at a very young age, lying about his age in order to gain admission. He had a dazzling career, and gained promotion through his courage and great efforts at the age of 17. Leadership came easily to him and he quickly developed a style that led to devotion in his men.

    He was a part of the last great battle of King Jorvis and was injured during the fight. He was carried back from the lines and then travelled northwards. He quickly learned that anyone who was loyal to Jorvis was being hunted down and took refuge in the forests of Bremmand.

    When visiting Chelland he met with Dale by accident and they re-established their friendship. When Dale came to him for help when Joss was sick and inspired the refugees to turn and fight, Torvik tried to get the army going, but was met with great resistance, his youth and exuberance standing against him among older and wiser soldiers. He struggled to establish the control and drive needed to make things really happen.

    Unstintingly cheerful, Torvik works well as a mouthpiece to Dale for those who find him intimidating. He is highly skilled as a swordsman and leads one of the combat patrols. Being in Torvik’s patrol is considered by the juniors to be the best place to go after moving up, mainly because Torvik is more good natured with the children. In fact his style of leadership only suits some, as he takes a sink or swim approach. It encourages good leadership and independent thinking but does not suit all. His good nature fools people into thinking he is an easy leader, but if one of his men breaches discipline he is capable of language and invective which would make a sailor blush. He and the two Marchand children develop a good friendship with him over the years, particularly Allin.

    Dale refers to Torvik as “lieutenant” as this was his rank in the Royal army and is Dale’s way of teasing him, but in fact he holds multiple ranks. His rank in the Bremmand army is Patrol Leader but he has a seat on the council too, which gives him further rank, and he also serves as Dale’s first officer.