King Corist


  • Name: Corist Maresta Lophas Marchand
  • Tree— Beech
  • Age—15 in Line of Duty

  • Light, almost golden, hair. He isn’t blonde, exactly, but his hair is lighter than his siblings. Blue eyes. Tall and slender. He has fine features, and a fair complexion. He isn’t a heart-throb in the way his older brother Richol was, but he is nice to look at.

    5th son of the King. Cori is only a year short of manhood and burning to go to battle. He was terribly disappointed to be left behind at home when the rest of his family went to war. Being the eldest survivor he finds himself King and is escorted out of the kingdom for his own protection. He hates having to leave his brother and sister behind and he feels the isolation from his home and family quite strongly.

    He takes on the requirements of monarchy as well as one can expect. It was never something he was trained for but is old enough at the time of the massacre to be ready to take his place as a man within the royal household. Cori was always a bit of a joker within the family, so has a fairly irreverent view on many of the traditions of kingship. He is a very easy going and open sort of chap.

    He is likeable, approachable and good with people and even tempered. He understands what makes people tick quite well.He has an excellent sense of humour and good joker. Knows how to have fun but he takes his “head of the family” responsibilities a bit seriously at times and thus guides Allin in what he feels is appropriate behaviour even when it isn’t needed.

    He is old enough to know that the future needs to be worried about – their fate and safety is in the balance and he is concerned about this.