Allin of Lech


  • Name—Allinaias Rovain Promaigh Marchand, Duke of Rez
  • Tree—Walnut
  • Age—10 at the start of Line of Duty


Dark haired, nut brown, with expressive blue eyes. Typical clean, fair skin that characterises the family. His features are handsome. Small for his age and fine boned when the book starts but goes through a spurt at 13 and catches up with others. Always fairly slender, though not over skinny.

Born the 7th son of the King of Bremmand. Prince Allinaias grew up in quite a competitive environment, with so many older brothers to complete with. He was really admired by the rest of his family for his spirit, which is indomitable and he is sure of himself – arrogant even. He does have a strong and powerful personality and a real spark of life about him.

However, at ten, his life is turned upside down, when the kingdom is invaded and most of his family are betrayed and murdered. Only his sister and one brother, Corist, survive and, when Corist is obliged to leave the country, Allinaias is left as the eldest of his bloodline remaining in the kingdom.

Now heir presumptive to the throne, he is bestowed with the title of Duke of Rez, the title customarily held by the heir to the throne. His family had always called him Allin as a simple diminutive and this name is adopted when it is necessary to conceal his identity for his own protection. Having been born close to the district of Lech in Castle Bremmand, Dale names him Allin of Lech.

As he grows, Allin’s character comes out as a fair minded young man, highly intelligent with a good sense of humour, but prone to temper when something upsets him enough. That temper, once triggered, is without any sense and he even tries to fight a full grown man when angered at the age of eleven.

He is devoted to his sister Joss and protects her totally—more than she would like, sometimes. He gave his word to his mother that he would look after her and takes this responsibility very seriously.

He never forgets his ultimate duty as heir to the throne, but can find the overwhelming responsibilities placed upon him at a very young age wear him down from time to time. The massacre of his family stays with him in the background and he is determined to see his parents and brothers avenged.