Iestan Honrad


  • Nicknames—Dostain of Saphir, Mousehole
  • Tree— Maple
  • Age—33 in Line of Duty

  • Short, sprightly and wiry. Mousy/Sandy hair, and grey eyes. Freckled.He is fair skinned – mousy in all respects – with a small wiry frame.

    Iestan is in charge of gathering information. He is the first of the council members to appear in the story, as he runs a tavern in Chelland when we first meet him, but one of the last to join the council. He runs and communicates the spies who provide information on Sallent’s troop movements. He also arranges communication to the other camps and to the King.

    Partly because of his job, Iestan loves to know everything about everything. He knows who Allin and Joss are, having done a bit of checking into Dale and putting two and two together, but he never speaks to anyone but Dale about his knowledge (not even Allin and Joss, until Allin reaches manhood). He’s very quick witted and has almost perfect recall on things he sees and hears, even in passing, which he can then put together to make up a complete picture. He’s the kind of person who can move about almost unnoticed, because he is so non-descript.

    His family ran the inn in Chelland for generations and all served in Plexus, Bremmand’s spy network, under the codename of Mousehole. Iestan was in charge of the inn for some 8 years when we first meet him.

    Dale and Iestan have known each other from childhood, friends when, as a boy, Dale’s father would take him in to Chelland. When Iestan reached 16 he had gone off on his travels – Dale hadn’t known where – only returning when his Father died, some eight years later, to take over the running of the Inn. These eight years were when he was serving as an active member of Plexus.

    In book 2 the Plexus network is caught and Chelland burned to the ground. Iestan manages to survive and comes to the Army camp where he is promoted to the Council as head of Plexus (with the King’s sanction).