Bremmand Lives

image2364image785“So what about Olwin? What’s the Junior’s opinion of our newest Councilman?”
There was a pause before Allin said slowly, “He seems to like giving everyone else advice.”
Torvik couldn’t help but grin at this. He was one of those frequently on the receiving end of Olwin’s advice and it could be irksome at times.
“I think he likes himself too much, too.” Allin added without thinking and then flushed at this unguarded remark.

“So do I,” Torvik confided even though he knew that, while Allin might get into hot water for his uncharitable opinions of Olwin, that was nothing to what the Commander would do to him for reinforcing such views with the youngster. “However,” he went on, “different people are driven by different things. Olwin likes to feel important, so he tends to give advice a lot – even when it isn’t needed. He’s a good officer though and his attention to detail makes him perfect for the job he’s been given – he probably knows the name of every man in all three armies already and possibly their strengths, likes and dislikes and the best way to deploy them in a battle. Irritating he may be but we need him so we just have to put up with his irritating habits.”
“All right,” Allin agreed amiably but then added with a grin, “but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a pompous ass.”
“Let’s keep it our little secret though,” Torvik advised gravely.

Lives touch one another and the past influences the future Bremmand Lives is a collection of shorts stories spanning five years and describing events and people who feature (sometimes greatly, sometimes fleetingly) in the Bremmand Chronicles

Author’s Note: The quotation on the back cover of this book doesn’t feature in the book itself. Originally it appeared in “Olwin” but it was removed so, rather than remove it, I used it here instead.
This is a book that came about by accident and tells the stories of some of the minor characters who feature in the books of the Bremmand Chronicles.

  • Short stories from the Bremmand Chronicles
  • First Published in August 2009
  • ISBN: 978-1-4092-8205-1