The Faith of Holy Brem

The Faith of Holy Brem


Brem is considered a teacher and a prophet but not a God. He was a king as well. He was the defender of the faith, like the British Queen, and there is a lot of mythology around his vows to God as well as God’s promise to the people.

Those of a relegious turn in Bremmand frequently wear a symbol of their faith – similar to our use of the cross, or the fish or the jewish star of David. Since the legend is tied up in the discovery of a spring, water is the key and the symbol is a drop of water. The wealthy would have a crystal drop, or sometimes a glass bottle shaped as a drop, with water from the source in it (but this would be fragile). The poor might have a drop carved from wood, or a base metal. Sometime people simply carry a little of the Holy Source with them in a small vial.

Brem’s teaching is based on three tennents Faith, Family and Learning.Brem established Bremmand with three peoples:

  • Most people in Brem are dark haired (the Bremmandish) – like Brem. These are descended from the migration of people out of what now forms Tylius, Brent and Dwynt.
  • There are some who are blonde of hair and fair of skin who are the small number from Langilia’s home land of Chesley who settled in the lands towards the north which they named Langate.
  • Then there are the woodsmen who are of reddish hair and big of build. These are the indigionous populations of the forest lands.
    The peoples mixed, of course, so the gene pools are less well defined than that now but some of the traits can still be seen.

The Holy Oath of Constancy

The words first spoken over a thousand years before, when the covenant with God was first established.
“I am of the Holy Blood, descended from Brem’s line, unbroken and untarnished. I carry in my veins a compact with God and a duty to the kingdom which is inviolate. I am bound to serve the kingdom and protect the people within it.

“I stand to serve the people of Bremmand, all. No-one is too lowly, none too poor to deserve my service. I stand to protect and serve the highborn and the humble alike – all who believe in God and follow Brem’s teachings shall be under my protection for always. I will protect the weak, comfort the dying, bring relief to those in fear and strength to those who suffer. I am family to orphans, friend to the children of this land and the embodiment of all that Brem stand for.

“The bloodline will never leave this land while I have the power to maintain it, for this is the compact we have made with God. Bremmand is our land, our home and belongs to our people The constant presence of the Holy Blood within its boundaries ensures that our oath to God is ever held.”

The Blessing of Brem

“The blood of Holy Brem flows in my veins. I stand before you as his herald and the symbol of his covenant with the people of this land and I grant you his blessing with all my heart. Know that his faith in the worthiness and virtue of his people is proven by your good acts toward me.”