• Full name—Umbert Arriol
  • Tree— Fir
  • Age— 50 in Twelve Moon-cycles

  • Grey hair, once brown. Keeps himself trim, so not overweight or gone to seed. Of advancing years and could be described as “grizzled”

    A soldier all his life, Umbert had retired by the time of the Battle at Kantora, but spent his later career serving in the supply lines for the 9th legion, ensuring that the legion had everything it needed. He survived the subsequent hunt for former soldiers and went to ground in Kemsley with his sister. When word reached him of resistance and rumours of the army still fighting he immediately went in search of them to re-enlist.

    He’s a career soldier who never married so has no family of his own. He is fond of children however, and particularly dotes on the little ones. He is also a good storyteller, which engages the younger children particularly.

    Dale appoints him as councilman in charge of supplies. He is responsible for the administration of the camp. He looks after getting supplies for them, keeping the camp maintained and ensures that the craftsmen are keeping military stocks at a good level.

    He is easy going with a dry sense of humour – not ambitious or pushy. He does tend to side with one party or another in any dispute, rather than taking a stand himself
    Excellent at managing inventory and procuring things. Anticipates what is needed.