One year on

12 months ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog. Fancy that! a whole year of posting about my experiences and life as a writer. Anniversaries are always a good opportunity to look back on progress and see how things have changed – so that’s what I plan to do.

Screen shot of my first ever blogWhen I wrote that first blog, I was looking at myself as an author of fiction. I had three books self-published – The Bremmand Chronicles – and was working on number four. I was (still am) a management consultant by day and a writer by night!

I had just discovered that, by working to build my social media profile and generate a following I would be far more likely to be a success as a novelist than to send off manuscripts to agents and publishing houses for them to sit on the ‘slush pile.’ That was why I’d started to blog in the first place – to see if anyone out there was listening. The other thing I mentioned in that first blog, very briefly, was that I was dabbling with an online life-coaching group and that too was making me feel that there was an opportunity for me to live my dream of being a writer.

I know it is a cliche but what a difference a year makes!

Now I have self-published four novels and four children’s books for charity. I’ve also published a blog every week and have a following on Twitter of over 500 people. Through that online coaching group (Mi365) my confidence has grown and my belief in myself has changed beyond all recognition. I’ve collaborated with the incredible Pete Cohen on a Mi365 Journal and supporting materials for the Mi365 membership. I’ve even spoken publicly about being one of those projects and what it has meant to me. I have, in fact, had my eyes opened to a whole range of  possibilities in the world of writing. I am now seriously considering a life as a professional writer and am exploring what that might mean.

It is strange. The last twelve months have been beyond my imaginings. Things keep happening to me which take me by surprise and make me wonder if I’m dreaming. It is fun and exciting and really scary.

So, watch this space. You won’t believe what I’ve got planned for the next 12 months.

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