What went well?

I’m currently reading Flourish by Martin Seligman. It is all about positive psychology and its application in a number of places. Scattered throughout the book are various very simple ideas and concepts which translate into every day life and which Seligman and his team have scientifically assessed for effectiveness.

The tool that forms the title of this blog is one of them. Where he’s been able to introduce positive psychology (aka well-being), starting a lesson, a meeting or a conversation with ‘What went well?’ has an influence of the tone of the rest of the session.

This week, I’ve been rushed off my feet with daily life so haven’t had a chance to work on the editing of Age of Oppression. It is very frustrating and I am mentally telling myself off for ignoring the thing which is my passion and, therefore, ought to be my priority.

But, instead of beating myself up and complaining, I’ve decided to concentrate on what went well this week.

  1. I now have a firm date for when I leave my ‘day job’ and can focus full time on my writing (3rd May)
  2. In preparation for that time, I went to meet a cat yesterday (a ‘rescue cat’ in need of a new home) – all writers should have a cat!
  3. I’ve made great strides in my non-fiction work – getting ahead of the game in a number of areas so that all will go smoothly in future.

And, having taken that view, I don’t feel nearly so bad about a bit of a pause in the editing process. Now I will be able to take a good look at in the coming week, with fresh eyes and less stress.

Take a look at what is going well in your life – it is a far better way to look at the world.

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