In pursuit of happiness

I few months ago I wrote a blog about how my life has been influenced by Mi365. Mi365 is a free online coaching programme with a different theme each week. Over the last couple of  weeks the topic has been happiness. As a result, I’ve been reflecting on what makes me happy.

It will be no surprise that the answer is writing. I came to the conclusion a while ago that it is my purpose to be a writer and the more I consider that, the more sure of it I become. If I could do nothing else, I would write. If I had to pay to do it, I would write. When I image my future, writing for a living, I feel a joy and freedom that comes from nothing else.

It is odd that something that can cause so much frustration, comes with so many challenges and which is full of people, living and dead, with far more talent than me, can be the cause of such joy. But it is. When I sit down to write, I just feel complete.

Even this blog is pleasing to me. Finding a way to express what is in my heart or to explain a concept or to talk about my writing life in a way which is entertaining and imaginative is what I feel I was put here on this earth to do. Knowing that, living that, enjoying that, is happiness.

And that’s all I want to say this week. Nothing else needs to be said.

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