Start as you mean to go on…

I started a 30 day blogging challenge today. I signed up at the weekend because I was curious and because I wanted to get back into the groove of blogging here on my Bremmand Chronicles site. And because, whoever we are, there is always something new to learn.

I’ve been in London today, at a conference. What with the weather and problems on the Underground, by the time I got home I was cold, hungry and really ready for bed.

It will hardly matter if  start tomorrow, will it?  thinks I. A very reasonable thing to think, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And yet, if I fail on the very first day of my 30 days, it is hardly a great beginning it it?

So, here is my first of 30 daily blogs – showing up to meet the challenge and ready to learn.

“And so to bed….” as a VERY famous blogger (okay, in his day he was called a diarist) once said.

3 comments to Start as you mean to go on…

  • Jane Kelly

    What a good idea. I think my blog would be pretty boring. Tell us more about the reason you went to London.

    • I think you’d surprise yourself Jane.
      Check out Sarah Arrow – she runs the 30 day blogging challenge I am on. It would be fun if you did it too.
      As for the trip to London? We’ll I might just use that in a future blog so I’m keeping Mum for now ?

  • I think most people have got a blog in them that would be interesting to someone Jane! It won’t be for everyone, but we all have our stories and our experiences that we can share!

    Great start to the challenge…. I look forward to seeing what you come up with over the 30 days

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