Plot Twists!

A while ago, someone posted one of those inspirational quotes on Facebook which seemed amazing appropriate for me.

“When something goes wrong in your life,
just yell, Plot Twist and move on.”

You’ve got to love it, haven’t you? The idea of life being a story isn’t an uncommon one, but putting any challenge into perspective as just a change of direction in the plot is always going to sit well with anyone who is either a writer or a reader of fiction.

It has been in my mind recently, too, because there have been quite a few plot twists for me recently. Nothing disastrous – I’m still here, after all – but things haven’t been going quite as I planned.

As a result Age of Oppression has been taking a bit of a back seat as I manage other things. I’m still chipping away at it – editing a few pages at a time, but my plans to get the book out for January are looking increasingly unlikely.

But, it’s just another plot twist. Maybe the 5th book in the Bremmand Chronicles will be published in April – just like all the others! How’s that for a story?

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