Back to it

You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a while. I stopped blogging for a while when I left work to start up my business. Anyone who has done something similar will know what a strange, exciting and challenging experience that is – EVERYTHING changes.

So, caught up in all of that, I decided to pause on a few things – one of which was blogging. Now I’m wondering if that was a wise decision. I’m out of the habit and it is hard to get going again. I missed it, though, and I hope that I was missed (if I wasn’t, don’t tell me – I don’t want to know!).

So, it is time to get back to it. I’ve been working on Age of Oppression over the summer – it has been slow going but I’m chipping away at it. My plan  is to get it out into the world before the end of year.

Lola has been settling in, too. She keeps me company when I’m editing (although her occasional walks across the keyboard can be a bit distracting!) and, when I’m getting frustrated or tired, amuses me by chasing a laser pointer or me. She is the perfect author’s cat.

So, that’s my news. How’s your summer been?

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