One week to go!


I can hardly believe it but Balance of Betrayal finally sees the light of day on 19th April. The imminent publication of one’s work is always a nervous moment, for any author. What if it isn’t as good as my last book? What if I’ve made some horrible mistake in the plot? What if there is a spalling mistoke on the first page?!

It all crosses your mind in those last few days, once you’ve committed the documents and given the final ‘yes’ to the publisher. There are no more opportunities to change things now. What I’ve written is what people will buy and read and (hopefully) enjoy.

There comes a point where you have to make this commitment – there is no such thing as perfect and, while I could quite happily have done another round of edits (I’ve already spotted a few more typing mistakes in the text since the final proof arrived, you have to stop at some point.

Of course, I am now doubting the wisdom of, in the last round of edits, adding in a new piece of symbolism. The final review is supposed to be about proof-reading, not making substantive changes and yet, it was such a great idea – inspired by the front cover and the way owls have been used throughout myth and fable – that I just couldn’t help myself. It may seem an odd thing to be thinking but I do find myself subject to random interruptions in my mental processes with “Oh I do hope I haven’t over done the owls!”

Still, it is complete. It is ready to go. It is a book – no longer a WIP. I’ve done it.

All I have to do now is deal with that worst and most depressing of fears: What if no one buys it?

Cate Caruth is the author of the Bremmand Chronicles. Balance of Betrayal will be released on 19th April and is available for pre-order at

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