What’s it all about?


So who are you anyway?

An excellent question and the first thing you deserve to know about any new blog. My name is Cate Caruth and, around the sides of my job and family, I am a writer. I’ve always been a writer. It is what I’ve always wanted.

In the last few years I have written and self-published three books – two novels and a set of short stories – all based around a fictional kingdom (Bremmand).

Why write?

I’ve always wanted to be a write (almost. Apparently, when I was three I wanted to be a cuckoo clock!) and, as early as aged seven, it was noted in a school report that I loved writing stories. Over the years, I have always been writing – at eleven, it was mostly takes about ponies and at sixteen I’d moved on to romance.

In my mid-thirties, my dalliance with stoytrelling solidified and the idea of the Bremmand Chronicles series first came into my mind. After that, there was no stopping me!

What are the books about?

I don’t know why, but I always find this a really difficult question to answer. I suppose, if I want to be a bestselling author, I’m going to have to get better at it – and quick!

The original idea for my books came from pondering what might have happened had the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 been resisted. From there, the idea of the Kingdom of Bremmand arose – a proud land, now under the rule of an invading force. My books chronicle the efforts of a small band of freedom fighters to resist the occupation and start to recover their kingdom. If you want to know more, you can go to my website: www.bremmandchronicles.co.uk.

Why blog?

I had a stroke of real luck about a month ago. I was going to a book signing of a life-coach I know and it so happened that, at the same event, was a literary agent who discussed what interests the big publishing houses these days. Unlike the past, when you sent a sample of your manuscript to agents and publishers and prayed to be picked, these days you already need to be recognised and be selling books before they are interested.

I’ve found that to be a liberating idea. Being recognised for my writing is in my own hands all of a sudden. And that starts with getting out there and talking about my books, about being a writer and about what it means to try and follow a dream with all the pressures of the ‘real world’ (paying the bills, doing a job, keeping the garden in check…. you know how it goes.)

So, I am starting to blog – to share with you my story and, from time to time, the stories of Bremmand too. All in 500 words a week.

Right now, just grappling with the technology of blogging is taxing enough – I think there are several hundred words in getting this page set up alone!!

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